Here are a few highlights we'd like to tell you about ourselves...

-our team has a combined 65 plus years of professional commercial photography experience

-specialties in corporate, commercial, advertising & architectural images

-clients include many of the top corporations in worldwide oil and gas, mining, resources, architecture, construction, engineering and technology

-we love getting "the shot"

-we work hard to plan, organize, then adapt to changes at the last minute to get "the shot"

-we love our clients for giving us our shot at getting "the shot"

-we take great pride in seeing our clients show off "the shot" in their marketing endeavours

-photography, technology, travel and organized chaos are what makes us tick

-our work lives wouldn't be interesting without the changing needs, timelines and artistic wants of our clients

-this is all fun, but we know you have a business to run and we understand and respect that, so we keep having fun until it's all done, on-time and better than expectations